[ Nnnnnnope. ]

[ Turns out I’m too stressed to roleplay. ]

[ Sorry guys. <:’( ]

oh god dammit emotions, can we not do this today?



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H1. 1 am Nugget. And what y0u just sa1d 1s 1nterest1ng. S0 are y0u a human?

human? yes.
past my expiration date? also yes.

long story short, i’m sort of dead.
and by sort of i mean definitely.

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SN: Hell0

SN: Y0u seemed b0red. S0 1 dec1ded t0 chat w1th y0u.

well you came to the right place, because i am bored out of my mind over here.
but i’m also really unmotivated so it’s hard to do anything about it.
and i’m caught in this huge dumb self-fulfilling prophecy of inactivity.

it sucks.

anyway hi i’m john.

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grimlybarking-deactivated201308 sent: throw me one or two

i would if i actually knew where you were.

but i don’t.

so we’re already facing a problem right there.

god damn.

i am bored.

my existence is bored.

grimlybarking-deactivated201308 sent: do you have a bone or steak

i have a few.